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Who Directed The Inside Abbey Road Intro Video?

I recently wrote about the wonderful experience that Google and Abbey Road studios are now making possible with the Inside Abbey Road tour. If you’ve already ventured inside the Abbey Road studios, you will most likely have noticed the gorgeous introduction video at the beginning. I happened to find its creative source today while looking through some ad agencies’ portfolios. Since then, I have also managed to find the full credits for the video, which show just how much work and people are needed even for such a short spot in order to make it great.

The video was directed by Rob Blishen from RSA Films. In case RSA sounds familiar, it’s because it’s Tony and Ridley Scott’s company. I highly recommend surfing their website for more brilliant content, such as commercial videos, documentaries, photographs, animations and more. They have some pretty well-known things in there, like the trailer for Beyonce and Jay Z’s On The Run, or even Prometheus‘s marketing campaign (remember all the videos and extra content that came out before the movie?). Moreover, the website’s design and usability are top-notch, so discovering its substance  is a real pleasure.

In any case, you can (re-)watch and enjoy the Inside Abbey Road video below at your discretion.