Visit the Abbey Road studios: Inside Abbey Road video | RFA Films

Who Directed The Inside Abbey Road Intro Video?

I recently wrote about the wonderful experience that Google and Abbey Road studios are now making possible with the Inside Abbey Road tour. If you’ve already ventured inside the Abbey Road studios, you will most likely have noticed the gorgeous introduction video at the beginning. I happened to find its creative source today while looking through some ad agencies’ […]

Inside Abbey Road by Google

Go Inside Abbey Road Studios Right Now With Google

3, Abbey Road – the most famous recording studios in the world Access the interactive experience at, or read on. Abbey Road present themselves as “the most famous recording studios in the world“. When you see just how many great artists and composers have used the studios and that some of the best songs and albums […]

New Twitter search UI

Twitter Search Gets A Revamp. Good Enough To Make The Cut?

A new search layout from Twitter Not long ago I discovered that exploring the trending topics on Twitter can really pay off sometimes. Whether you find out which boyband is not quite the same again, or if Kim is breaking the internet, there is always something in those trends that might be of interest to one person or […]

What shall I watch | Leanflix

What Shall I Watch? Cue Leanflix

Ever found yourself endlessly scrolling through long lists of films on your favourite streaming service, wondering what on Earth to watch? I even remember a few times when I took so long to find something that I ended up calling it a night and going to bed. Life’s too short to watch bad movies I […]

Make American TV Shows British on Twitter

If American TV Shows Were British

Have a look at today’s (April 21st 2015) trends on Twitter and you will be able to find a rather amusing one that I’ve been laughing at for the past ten minutes. Since I know how beneficial laughter can be for one’s health, I couldn’t help sharing this popular hashtag with everyone else. The trend […]

Singapore Math Question Guardian Cheryl

The Singapore Maths Question-Answer

Smarter than a 14-year-old? Jump to the answer. Among The Guardian‘s articles from today you can find this very intriguing maths problem. Can you solve the Singapore primary maths question that went viral? Initially thought to be part of a test for schoolchildren, the answer to the question created a lot of amazement at how brilliant people from Singapore […]

Arcade Fire - Just a Reflektor

7 Interactive Music Videos, 7 Immersive Experiences

If you’re tired of the same old same old music video consisting of moving images accompanied by music, despair no more. Some artists have decided to launch interactive music videos for the viewer to explore online. Thus, everyone can create their own viewing experience and experiment a unique video each time they watch. Kudos to […]