New Twitter search UI

Twitter Search Gets A Revamp. Good Enough To Make The Cut?

A new search layout from Twitter

Not long ago I discovered that exploring the trending topics on Twitter can really pay off sometimes. Whether you find out which boyband is not quite the same again, or if Kim is breaking the internet, there is always something in those trends that might be of interest to one person or another. My very favourites are the funny-punny tasks of the day, like #MakeAmericanTVShowsBritish or #UnpopularActionMovies. Suffice to say that I do check the trends almost daily. That is why today I was pleasantly surprised by the new interface of the Twitter search. According to TNW News, the new UI has been testing ever since April 7th. It was rolled out to bunches of users and as of yet, we still don’t know whether it’s here to stay, or if the testing will take matters into the opposite direction. In the meantime, have a look at the comparison I drew out below and check Twitter to see if you got the new layout.

Old Twitter search layout vs. new search layout

#MetGala2015 hashtag on Twitter
Twitter’s new search UI
Twitter's regular search layout
Twitter’s regular search layout

The reason why earlier I said pleasantly surprised is because the new layout is much better, even at a quick glance. You have the topic very clearly displayed at the top, on its own ribbon, the colour of which is the Theme Colour you choose when you edit your profile. The filters underneath the topic name are pretty much the ones that were there in the first place, but I find their new position easier to work with than before. They are all at the top, nested in their tabs and quick to find. It looks cleaner and simpler, despite the filters being exactly the same ones. The new feature, however, seems to be the related searches on the top left, which can give you an even more accurate view of what the Twittersphere is looking at. Additional changes include ‘All’ tweets being referred to as ‘Live’, while ‘People’ have been renamed ‘Accounts’. These also make a lot of sense, because the word ‘live’ also connotes the chronological display of ‘All’ tweets. As for accounts, that’s also more suitable, since not all accounts on Twitter are of people, but also of products, services, films, TV shows and the list can go on and on.

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope that Twitter will implement the new search experience for the sake of all of us who love exploring the latest trends.