Singapore Math Question Guardian Cheryl

The Singapore Maths Question-Answer

Smarter than a 14-year-old? Jump to the answer. Among The Guardian‘s articles from today you can find this very intriguing maths problem. Can you solve the Singapore primary maths question that went viral? Initially thought to be part of a test for schoolchildren, the answer to the question created a lot of amazement at how brilliant people from Singapore […]

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Good To Read

Here you can find various articles from around the web that I find interesting and good to read. They are posted from latest to oldest, so the newest links will always be on page 1.   Rejoice: Facebook gets GIF support. Here’s everything you need to know.   Mobile Uploads – Ioana Maria Toader | […]

Arcade Fire - Just a Reflektor

7 Interactive Music Videos, 7 Immersive Experiences

If you’re tired of the same old same old music video consisting of moving images accompanied by music, despair no more. Some artists have decided to launch interactive music videos for the viewer to explore online. Thus, everyone can create their own viewing experience and experiment a unique video each time they watch. Kudos to […]

Seene 3D photos

You Ain’t Seene This Before. The Hottest Photo App Of The Moment

ORIGINAL POST: Seene for Android: Seene for iOS: I’m not going to talk too much about this brilliant app, because you know what they say: “Seene-ing is believing”. I promise I’ll stop with the lousy puns but on one condition only: you need to check this thing out! The app is exactly what […]

Depressing graffiti

A Most Depressing Graffiti

Look at it! Just. Look. A most depressing graffiti, a work of art This piece of urban art surely speaks for itself: a stabbed man, a crocodile eating a person, a derailed train falling to its demise are just a few of the small drops of horror that hit you in the face without mercy. […]

Drop 7 game Android

6 Free Awesome Android Games

TL;DR: jump to the list. What I don’t like about Android games I do love playing on my phone, but I’m also quite picky when it comes to choosing what I actually install. That’s why I sometimes spend a lot of time perusing the Play Store in search for my next favourite pastime. What usually […]