Make American TV Shows British on Twitter

If American TV Shows Were British

Have a look at today’s (April 21st 2015) trends on Twitter and you will be able to find a rather amusing one that I’ve been laughing at for the past ten minutes. Since I know how beneficial laughter can be for one’s health, I couldn’t help sharing this popular hashtag with everyone else.

The trend in question is #MakeAmericanTVShowsBritish and as far as I noticed it’s trending both in the UK, as well as in the US. The thing that makes it so funny above everything else is precisely the use of British tropes  and culture and their clashing with well-established items of pop culture. TV shows that have locations in their names get extra attention, as people go really local with them. While the more general and well-known references are of course funnier and more appealing to a wider audience, the specific ones have their charm too for those who get them.

I embedded the trend at the end of the post so you can scroll at your own discretion and pick your favourites, but here are some highlights, in addition to the ones in the image at the top. Laugh away!

If American TV shows were British – the scoop


  I’ll stop with that one, otherwise I won’t be able to finish the post, but have fun discovering more on your own:



Ioana Toader