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3, Abbey Road – the most famous recording studios in the world

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Abbey Road present themselves as “the most famous recording studios in the world“. When you see just how many great artists and composers have used the studios and that some of the best songs and albums of all times were recorded at No. 3, Abbey Road, you will not question that statement. Additionally, if you’re a fan of The Beatles, you probably know already that Abbey Road is tightly connected to their legacy as the recording studios of their choice. Anyway, the chances are if you think of a famous singer, film, composer or game, they will most likely have used the studios at Abbey Road. Needless to say, the studios are deeply imbued with history and technological innovation and the sound engineers and producers who worked there over the years are responsible for best-selling hits and iconic tracks. Now, the issue at hand is that despite this incredible track record, the studios are not open to the wide public. Unless you are affiliated with the music industry or part of the Abbey Road staff, you will not get to see or experience any of the marvels down at the studios. But alas, Google to the rescue!

Google’s Inside Abbey Road

Inside Abbey Road
Inside Abbey Road. Access different locations at the top and discover content around you.

Google has partnered up with Abbey Road this April in order to give everyone a taste of the studios. Packing some of Google’s best known and used technologies, the interactive experience offers a comprehensive look inside the venue. Using  a Street View-like interface, you can roam around Studios 1, 2 and 3, as well as the Master room (M), either by yourself, or by taking advantage of the pre-recorded tours. While the latter can be accessed from each of the three studios the tours mainly differ in the type of information they provide. They all discuss the different studios, but the tour in Studio 1 addresses the history of the place, the one in Studio 2 is more technical and the last one has to do more with trivia, fun facts and lesser-known information. I really recommend the guided walk-through because despite some of the information being repeated, they are well-made, captivating and concise. Plus, you get to hear the various acoustics of the spaces when the speakers talk about them. What’s more, the interiors are filled with  a lot of content, allowing you to read stories and learn more about what you see, examine photographs, watch videos or even fiddle with some equipment. 

I would urge everyone to check out the website, which boasts 360-degree videos and time-lapses, interviews, live performances, music videos, behind the scenes footage and much much more. Not only do you learn about the history of the place, but also you are told about how a studio works and the decision-making process involved in producing a track, you learn about different technologies, like microphones and mixers, and you can see how important acoustics are and how various sound environments are created. And most importantly, it’s all highly entertaining. So before I give anything else away, Step Inside and discover the studios yourself!


In case you’ve taken the tour already and are curious to know about the different technologies used and how they achieved such a coherent virtual environment, check out the information that Google provides.