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Enable Link Preview In WordPress

This is how shared links appear on the social network.
This is how shared links appear on the social network.

The beauty of sharing on social media

One of the best things about social media is the fact that you can easily share content with your friends or followers without having to say anything. Sometimes a comment to accompany your shared post is necessary or maybe you really have something to add to the story. However, there are times when the post itself is enough. After all, most times people can see the title, a small blurb, even an image/video from what you just shared, so more words on the sharer’s part can simply become redundant.

The problem

Having started this platform recently, I was faced with a huge problem. I do share a lot of (what I consider) interesting things on Facebook, but since I have a profile and not a public page, I cannot integrate my timeline within WordPress like you would normally do with a page. So then how can I enable an experience similar to the one on Facebook, minus the social network? I don’t necessarily want to write entire posts about articles which are self-explanatory anyway, but I also think that writing links on a page, just text that leads to other parts of the web, isn’t nearly enough.

Facebook-style sharing, minus Facebook – link preview WordPress

After searching and searching and reading all sorts of forums from five years ago, I managed to find two very useful plugins that will do the trick. Have fun trying them out and let me know if you find something similar and even better.

1. Embedly by

This is the plugin I’m currently using and you can see exactly what it looks like on my Good To Know page, the place where I share content that I don’t need to write about. Here it is:

2. Preview by Abhishek Saha

This one is a very basic URL previewer, made by an independent developer. Its biggest disadvantage is that it has never been updated and it doesn’t look like it’s going to any time soon, so it might clash with more recent versions of WordPress. Nevertheless, it still does a decent job. It doesn’t seem to work for its own download page on WordPress, but here is an example:

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