Earn free Google Play credit with Google Opinion Rewards

Earn Free Google Play Credit

Free Monument Valley for my Android

Or in my case, get Monument Valley for free. If you watched the latest House of Cards season, you probably noticed President Frank Underwood deeply immersed into the crazy geometry and optical illusions world of the gorgeous game. Needless to say, the game was never free, and while it was recently reduced from about £3.49 to £0.49, I still couldn’t spare those pennies and buy the game, especially since many of the comments pointed out how short the game is. But alas, I found a very easy way to make 50p and get my hands on the game (legally) and it only took about ten minutes till I was starting my adventure in the Monument Valley.

Earn free Google Play credit with Google Opinion Rewards

There is a Google app called Google Opinion Rewards which sends you surveys to complete. In return, you can earn Google Play credit. The concept isn’t new by far, but the rewarding system and the entire process on the whole are much easier and more user-friendly than anything else I’ve seen so far. It’s an app, so it’s beautifully crafted for working on your device, it’s quick, you get the free Google Play credit straight away and you can use it any time you want. No bank details, no PayPal and most importantly, no minimum limit until you can spend the cash.

You can use the free Google Play credit in any way you want. It works for music, books, films or even in-app purchases (awesome, right?). Anything that’s on the Google Play store can be bought with the newly-acquired credit, apart from subscriptions, hardware or accessories. Also, remember to spend the free credit you gained using Google Rewards within a year of earning it because it expires after that.


People complain that they don’t get enough surveys and therefore they don’t make that much money, but let’s be honest: you cannot expect to become a millionaire by completing surveys. It’s just an easy way to earn some credit so that you don’t have to spend anything from your pocket when you want to buy that game you’ve always wanted. In addition, you need to remember that Google Opinion Rewards is basically a research tool for marketers. If they come up with surveys to gather some data about their target demographic and you’re not part of it, there’s nothing you can do about it unless you lie and give fake answers. An important thing to do though, is answer the test questions at the beginning to your best capabilities. When you first install Google Opinion Rewards, they ask some general knowledge questions in order to test your attention and whether you’re a reliable test subject, so the better you perform, the higher the chances to get more surveys in the future. Remember that you do get free Play credit even for any survey, even if you don’t match with the target group. That’s exactly how I earned my 50p. I was sent a survey targeted at business owners or managers of small businesses. The first and only question I answered was asking whether I was a business manager, owner, or neither. I was honest and ticked ‘neither’, yet I was credited nonetheless.

I thus highly recommend Google Opinion Rewards. You might not make much, but there’s nothing to lose. Install it, answer the questions and just enjoy your easily earned free Google Play credit.